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FELS is building the digital financial boutique for innovative and sustainable investment without barriers to entry. Whether trading, investing or saving: Our vision is a new social wealth management for everyone who wants more from their assets.

We are an innovation driven, sustainability focused FinTech company founded in 2018. We provide best-in-class software for easy entry into investing. With your savings losing value each year we want to provide every investor better options for professional and strategic wealth creation.

Our software bundles all process steps for a simple investment and is unique in this form in the WealthTech market. Our team, partners and advisory board bring many years of experience and proven success in asset management, finance, IT, compliance, sales, marketing and PR.

We combine a versatile product offering, united in one app and on a new multi-bank platform. Our customers can invest in all major asset classes themselves, including cryptocurrencies. Or they can conveniently follow the trading and investment strategies of hand-picked financial experts with just one click and benefit directly from their expertise. As we have connected several renowned partner banks to our platform, our customers’ funds always remain in their accounts with institutions licensed in Germany and are subject to deposit protection.

We are also regulated in German and have our headquarters in Kelkheim near Frankfurt am Main with additional offices in Berlin and Hamburg. Our name embodies our uniting principles. F(air) E(fficient) L(ong Term) S(ocial) – FELS!



  • Top investment professionals
    Only selected and verified top investment professionals are responsible for your investment.

  • Premium products
    You benefit from products that are otherwise only available to wealthy clients. Sustainability is particularly important in the selection process

  • Ease of use
    Follow the investment professionals’ trades and strategies easily and while you are mobile – from anywhere and with just a few clicks.

  • Maximum security
    All transactions are executed from your securities account at our partner banks. If you are already a customer there, no change of bank is necessary. Account and securities account management with us is basically free of charge. Opening a new account takes only a few minutes and is done in-app.

  • Fair and low costs
    Trading is low-cost at FELS, despite the extra service.

  • Successful strategies
    Follow the strategies of Germany’s best investment professionals with a proven track record of success over the last several years.


Become part of our extraordinary team and help to make a difference. We are looking for people who are innovative and who dare to break new ground with us:

Solution-oriented doers who have an entrepreneurial attitude and a hands-on mentality, who like to take on responsibility and want to take the opportunity to build something big with us.





Your success is our top priority. For this reason, our investment professionals only receive a performance-based fee if they have earned you money after you cover your costs. What’s more, our star traders are required to invest their own money in every trade.

Efficiency runs through the entire value chain at FELS. From the trader and stock analysis to order placement. We have digitalised everything possible in order to minimise all costs. Our clients benefit from this: you don’t pay more than you would trading through your bank, you can follow a star trader.

We want to make a contribution towards a better world. That is why sustainability and social responsibility are important to us. Arms manufacturers, companies involved in child labour and tobacco manufacturers are excluded from our equity investments. If we have a negative CO2 balance, we offset it. The FELS platform demonstrates how economics and ecology can be successfully combined. We are committed to trusting, long-term relationships with our clients and business partners. In addition to our employees, our closest business partners also hold a stake in the FELS Group. We are confident that this will enable us to offer the best products for our investors.

Our values also have an internal dimension: our employees receive fair pay and can hold an equity interest in the company. In addition, every employee can spend one working week per year involved in a social project and, every three years, take an extra month of paid leave. FELS also plans to use some of its profits directly for social aid or environmental projects.

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Wealth. Reimagined.