Fundsmith Equity Fund T Acc EUR

In this selected fund of the star investor Fundsmith Equity Fund T Acc EUR you can invest directly. As a private customer, Follow MyMoney gives you exclusive access to types of investment and conditions that are otherwise only reserved for institutional investors.

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Fundsmith Equity Fund T Acc EUR

The objective of the fund is to achieve long-term capital appreciation through global investment in equities. The fund’s approach is to invest in its selected company stocks for the long term and does not employ short-term trading strategies. The fund has strict investment criteria for the selection of
securities for its investment portfolio and invests in companies:

  • which can generate a high return on operating capital employed on a sustained basis,
  • whose advantages are difficult to replicate,
  • that do not require significant debt financing to generate returns,
  • that achieve growth with a high degree of certainty by reinvesting their cash flows at a high rate of return,
  • that are impervious to change, especially with respect to technological innovation,
  • whose valuation is considered attractive.

The sub-fund promotes environmental and/or social characteristics within the meaning of Article 8 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability-related
Disclosure Requirements in the Financial Services Sector (SFDR). The fund will not make investments in other funds, real estate or derivatives, nor will it
Enter into hedging transactions. The Fund will not borrow except in the course of unusual circumstances.

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MyInvestor arranges independent asset management for everyone.
Our offer is holistic and unique!

MyInvestor arranges independent asset management for everyone. Our offer is holistic and unique!


We make funds accessible, which you can only buy through financial advisors with considerable entry hurdles - easily and from 1,000 euros.

Increase your wealth - at unrivaled conditions.

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Increase your wealth - at unrivaled conditions.

As an investor, you pay:

  • The one-time transaction fee of 4 euros when buying a fund.

  • The annual service fee of 0.49% (including VAT).

  • No subscription fee when buying (house banks usually charge 3-5% of the investment amount!)

  • No additional administration fee.

  • No deposit fees.

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