G&G ValueInvesting – DLS Fonds

In this selected fund of the star investor G&G ValueInvesting - DLS Fonds you can invest directly. As a private customer, Follow MyMoney gives you exclusive access to types of investment and conditions that are otherwise only reserved for institutional investors.



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G&G ValueInvesting – DLS Fonds

The fund’s investment strategy comprises an active management process. Based on the combination of value investing and the G&G draw-down indicator, the fund aims for as high a value growth as possible, with at the same time a lower number of price fluctuations, over a rolling period of 5 years. By means of the individual-value selection process, companies and their management are assessed on their strengths and weaknesses, in order to reveal an undervaluation or overvaluation regarding their internal corporate value. In this context, value is the difference between reasonable value on a fundamental evaluation and currently priced stock-market value in the case of long and short investments. In case of undershooting a risk limit, with concomitant expectation of a significant fall in prices („drawdown”) on the equity markets, the G&G drawn-down indicator, which is several months in advance, serves to reduce the ratio of equities and to raise value-investing short investments.


MyInvestor arranges independent asset management for everyone.
Our offer is holistic and unique!

MyInvestor arranges independent asset management for everyone. Our offer is holistic and unique!


We make funds accessible, which you can only buy through financial advisors with considerable entry hurdles - easily and from 1,000 euros.

Increase your wealth - at unrivaled conditions.

Increase your wealth - at unrivaled conditions.

As an investor, you pay:

  • The one-time transaction fee of 4 euros when buying a fund.

  • The annual service fee of 0.49% (including VAT).

  • No subscription fee when buying (house banks usually charge 3-5% of the investment amount!)

  • No additional administration fee.

  • No deposit fees.


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