Ronny Raudies

Ronny Raudies

“Nobody is always right. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to understand financial markets and movements.”


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Tell us something about yourself as a trader.

I have been focusing on the stock exchange and financial markets for more than 20 years. I am the person to talk to regarding the technical analysis of indices, shares, commodities and currencies in the area of asset management.

What training do you have in finance, have you successfully obtained particular qualifications?

I am a qualified bank clerk and have a qualification as a certified financial advisor from the University of Passau. I will soon have a qualification as a certified financial technician (CFTe) too.

What led you to become engaged in the capital markets?

My interest in the stock markets was piqued during my banking training when a stock market club was founded in 1996.

Why are you at Follow MyMoney?

Because it’s a highly innovative and efficient product that allows me to implement my strategies together with my followers and stay permanently in touch with them.

Your target return?

A loss is not an option in the long term. I aim to achieve lasting stable performance in the real portfolio while observing money management.

What particular recommendation would you give your followers?

The financial market has more to offer than just the familiar savings account.

“Motocross on the one hand and trading on the other – this gives me balance.”

My strategy

Exploiting market movements while taking risks and volatilities into account.

My focus sectors

Indices and index stocks, irrespective of sectors.

My focus markets

Global stock markets, commodities, currencies.

My strength

Cool-headedness and strict money management.

My performance

Trade with the stars

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