Tobias Adler

Iron Eagle Capital GmbH, since 2013

Fear, that’s the other guy’s problem


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Tell us something about yourself as a trader.

I’ve dabbled in all sorts of fields as a trader: I started in the traditional way with shares, but I soon became interested in all the other asset classes as well. I got involved in cryptocurrencies very early on, for example, and have been trading them since 2012.

What training do you have in finance, have you successfully obtained particular qualifications?

I don’t have any special qualifications in the field. I learnt what I know from coaching sessions and taught myself.

What led you to become engaged in the capital markets?

I started in 2011 shortly before the Fukushima disaster. Because of the volatile market, I made a 50% profit on normal shares in two days. Then I switched to CFDs. I paid dearly for trading in CFDs because I didn’t know what I was doing. After that, I attended some webinars with the trading coach Samir Boyardan, who is now a good friend of mine. Samir put me in touch with Orkan Kuyas, who became my trading mentor. Due to my trading style, Orkan Kuyas picked me to become an admin for the “Facebooktrader” group on Facebook. Only a small number of hand-picked people are allowed to post their trades in the group. I was one of ten admins for the group, which currently has 15,000 members.

Why are you at Follow MyMoney?

Follow MyMoney finally makes it possible for me to give other people access to my trading style, my trading strategy and my trading robot – in line with the Follow MyMoney rules, of course.

Your target return?

In a good year, I expect a return of up to 400% with crypto trading.

What particular recommendation would you give your followers?

Only follow traders who already have a good track record and don’t always believe the hype. The trend is your friend. You can also get big points with trend reversal trading , like I do. But only do it once the trend reversal is confirmed – otherwise you will get your fingers burnt. Most importantly, though: to maximise your profits, you have to minimise your losses.

let your profits run and cut your losses short

My strategy

I get big points with trend reversal trading following confirmation

My focus sectors

crypto + blockchain

My focus markets

crypto + blockchain

My strength

Experience of trading since 2011 and experience of crypto since 2012

My performance

Trade with the stars

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