JENS LABUSCH - Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer FELS Group

Jens Labusch

Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Jens Labusch, born in 1978, is founder, managing partner and CEO of the FELS Group. He previously served as managing director of the fintech start-up leanvestors. He has more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector, most of which he spent at DWS Investments, Germany’s largest investment company. In a range of leadership positions, he succeeded in setting up new funds and managed global funds with a volume of several billion euros.

After moving to Deka Investments, where he oversaw markets and multi-asset funds, he decided to set up on his own with FELS Investments, a boutique investment company. A carbon-neutral fund with strict sustainability criteria gave birth to the idea of today’s FELS Group. Jens Labusch is convinced that there is no contradiction between a strong return and sustainability, but rather that impact investments also pay financial dividends in the medium and long term.