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Jens Labusch und Stefan Krewinkel

„Discipline and the right asset allocation are the key to successful and lasting investments.“


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Tell us something about yourself as a trader.

Jens Labusch: In the financial sector, I have been able to – and had to – experience all market phases in my more than 25 years of work. With all the highs and lows that the stock market brings, I am convinced that with a good strategy you can generate returns in every phase. This knowledge drives me in my trading style.

What training do you have in finance, have you successfully obtained particular qualifications?

Stefan Krewinkel: I started with a classic apprenticeship as a bank clerk. Later I completed an international qualification as a Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA).

Jens Labusch: After my business studies and first jobs as a trader, I worked as a stock trader in fund management at Germany's most successful fund company DWS. There I successfully managed funds with amounts in the billions - not only in boom times but also in times of crisis.

What led you to become engaged in the capital markets?

Stefan Krewinkel: After completing my banking apprenticeship at Deutsche Bank Cologne, I took the step onto the trading floor of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange. I later moved to Frankfurt as this was and still is the main finance market in Germany.

Jens Labusch: When I was a teenager in the US, I learned about the stock market from a stock trader. The work fascinated me and since then I have remained true to the stock market.

Why are you at Follow MyMoney?

Stefan Krewinkel: Social wealth management takes professional investment to a whole new level. I am fascinated by the way we at Follow MyMoney make quality investment strategies accessible to everyone.

Your target return?

Jens Labusch: We aim for a return of 10% +x per year - regardless of the stock market return.

What particular recommendation would you give your followers?

Jens Labusch: Discipline and the right asset allocation are the key to a successful and lasting investment. If you want to be successful on the capital markets, you have to keep your emotions out.

“Millions with options”

STAR-TRADER FELS-Active Trader Jens Labusch und Stefan Krewinkel

My strategy

Analysis of global financial markets to find short- and medium-term investment opportunities.

My focus sectors

Cross industry sectors strategy that takes all markets into account.

My focus markets

All markets

My strength

Market timing. Identify turning points in the capital markets.

My performance

Trade with the stars

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